FROgard was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States in the 1950’s.  She learned from her hard working parents that this is the land of opportunity.

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Her grandfather and great grandfather were both artists. Her parents were mechanical draftsmen.  Becoming an artist was not a decision for her – it just was.

She studied as an art major at San Francisco State and holds a degree from California State College of the East Bay (formerly Hayward State). FROgard studied  art in Florence, Italy with the American Institute for Foreign Study.   She is consistently enrolled in workshops and full time college courses learning new techniques while painting, drawing, and working the clay.

Her love for life and nature is expressed in her paintings and ceramics. It is easy to see that she is connected with the elements. Her first name, FROgard, means guardian of happiness. Her middle name, Erdmut means strength of the earth.

Her intent is to continue to be a life long learner. To see what she is learning/doing/creating go to her Whats-New Page. Those who know FROgard, know that she is happiest  when in her garden.

The deck is her studio.  Whether she is  painting outdoors, observing her surroundings, or working with clay, she is content to be productive. She has always liked mud and finger-paint. Texture is important. She paints from within.  The feeling she had when  first observing the place, plant, animal or person, is what she hopes to recapture.  Vincent Van Gogh is her hero and it shows in her personal style, bright colors, and strokes.


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